Monday, April 11, 2011

Snow (Hey Oh)

First off.

Grooveshark*, old buddy.

Today is one of those days that make me doubt my quality as a human being.  To make me feel a little bit better about my epic misplacement of time***, I'll be doing several reviews.  I hope some of them are chuckle-worthy.

Pop Tarts
If you're in a hurry and forget you own delicious, possibly-more nutritious blueberry bagels, these are a good resource.  They'll spend the next few days hanging out in your colon unless you gorge yourself on fiber.  The "fruity" filling has not yet been proved as organic material.  But hey, they are sweet and better than nothing.  A last-ditch effort at breakfast.

POMx Pomegranate Blackberry Tea
An evolution in tasty.  Nice fruity overtones, and the black tea doesn't back down either.  A hydrating drink with a mouth-puckered dry sort flavor.  Beware, though: it needs refrigeration like FOX needs Firefly^.  Without it, all the smooth fruityness goes sharp and sour--weeny, sleep-deprived taste buds won't like it.  Still, a good buy.

Professor Buchman (spelling needs sourcing)
A step away from the usual, which was pleasant.  A guest-speaking professor.  Successfully made the cellular cycle interesting, informing, and entertaining.  I did not want to fall asleep in lecture, possibly due to the fact it was a guest.  At any rate, a good lecture.

Summer Wars (2009)
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
The reason for my sleeplessness.  Also, did not get any knitting or crocheting done during the film: I watched the subbed version.  A relatively good movie with a definitely more Japanese story style.  I like the way this director breaks things up: on the one hand, the world is on the verge of ending.  On the other, life goes on as always in many, many ways.  There are a few features of the film's plot I contest against--primarily that the world as a whole is at risk, but it's up to one family to fix it all?  At any rate, it is well-animated (mostly--there were a few bad leg angles, but they didn't happen too often.) and puts an interesting and fresh perspective on possible downfalls of today's increasingly technology-based society.  I would recommend this film.

Urgh.  Post finished.  Decomposition may recommence.

*A poor loser's way of listening to music she doesn't have/can't afford^.  Please don't shun me.

^These are the same thing.  Looking up the Quigley Down Under  soundtrack last night was torture.  iTunes was the only place I could find it at first.  Don't you just love their little 15-second clips?

**I have tried to keep no fewer than four versions of the song at this point, and each malfunctions the following day.  Coincidence?--I think not.  It is Grooveshark's personal attempt to make my life (more) miserable.

***Stayed up WAY too late watching a movie.  Did not want to wake up at alarm, and accidentally pressed "Dismiss" as opposed to "Snooze".  Slept till 9:30, and Chemistry II started at 9.  Was minutes late for Cellular Biology on account of degrading functional abilities.  Did not get any coffee.  Sometimes, I hate myself.

^Translation: FOX sucks when not airing Firefly+.  Therefore, POMx Blackberry Pomegranate Tea sucks when not refrigerated.

+Don't get these Firefly references?  Then go look it up to watch it.  NOW.  As you're watching, mull over the fact that there are only--and most likely will only ever be--fourteen episodes.  And it is FOX's doing.


  1. Bahaha. I chuckled. POMx tea + Firefly = love.

  2. I'm glad it was chuckle-worthy. :)
    Someday, someone is going to slap me with a book and say, "ENOUGH FIREFLY REFERENCES. STOP IT." And I will say no. :3