Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bach Double

Got ready to start this, and then--on a tab-closing spree--remembered the tab I'd opened as a "Whaaaah?"*
I was promptly amused.

"Oboists.  All that blowing makes them brain dead."

BUT THIS WAS NOT THE GOAL OF TODAY.  I have more reviews.

Megamind (2010)
Director: Tom McGrath
Ah, the beauty of cliches.  That's the fun part about this film: it exploits all super hero/villain cliches but manages to maintain individuality.  Yes, I could guess the end.  Yes, I knew Metroman wasn't actually dead.  Viewing these as plot line destinations, the journeys to these ideas were at least somewhat original, making a charming state function effect.  This may not be one of my favorite films, but it's worth seeing once**.

Red (2010)
Director: Robert Schwentke
Good things: Karl Urban, who is always nice to see.  :3  Helen Mirren as a vicious ladylike sniper (personally, I wouldn't mind being like that when I'm older).  John Malcovich was born to play an ex-agent missing a few screws.  The jokes are funny, and Bruce Willis' initial image as a creepy kidnapper is hilarious.
Bad thing: Bruce.  I know you're still trying to be all that and a box of cigars, but we need to face the music.  A make-out scene with someone who looks a good 20 years younger than you is not cool.  I think I would love this movie if not for that.

Sorry for a rather . . . spacey blog.  I'll probably have to edit later.

UPDATE: Editing commenced.  Gentlemen aren't required to read the edits.

It ended up being an interesting afternoon.

An upcoming event--it's this Friday--that I have been rather excited for is Wear a Dress Day.  I've always had a soft spot for dresses, and so I was looking forward to a good excuse to wear one just for everyday life.  This is when I had a sudden--and slightly horrifying--epiphany.

Beyond my prom gowns, I did not own a single dress.  Skirts, yes.  But a dress and a skirt are not the same thing at all.

And I did not own a single dress.

It made sense, not to own dresses.  The majority of my pre-college years was spent in some combined state of hot, sweaty, dirty, animal-hairy, and dung-covered.  Dresses are not designed for such turmoil.  Plus, I spent all my time in jeans.+  Legs the color of frog bellies are not meant for display.  But still.  Not one dress?  I was seeing myself, yet again, as the frumpy one.

I do not like being frumpy.

So, feeling desperate and rather pathetic, I escaped to a local clothing store.  Much to my delight, I found two dresses.  Two.  And they are cute, and I like them--and they were affordable.  My joy was abounding.

Frumpiness diverted.  :)


P.S. ANOTHER UPDATE:  I've been looking over my posts for this week, and was flattered to find that I look like a happy person.  I'm not horribly miserable, but the fact I look happy is comforting.  By looking happy, I might actually get back to feeling happy.

END.  This post is now finished, I promise.  No more edits.  In other news, I think I'm going to start perfecting this weird story that was randomly birthed in my head.  Wish me luck.

*Online preview of The Guild comic^.  It has inspired me to watch the videos^^, which are humorous on the same level as The Office.  In other words, it's funny.  And my brain is crying hysterically from the stupidity.^^^

^I can associate with Cyd, though.  When a chick says NO, she frigging means it.  Why won't some guys listen?
I also know a mother like Clara.  I am not proud of this fact, though.

^^I saw two commercials for the US premier of Doctor Who . . . 8o

^^^"Don't leave me like your father did!"  "He had a heart attack!"  "Out of spite!!"
"I'm about to ruin 42 cents-worth of tater-tots!"  
Oh shit.  I SHOULD NOT HAVE WATCHED THIS.  I don't need more distractions . . . 8'(

**Personally, they got me at "Use the Forget-Me Stick!  8D "

+I went swimming earlier this semester.  It was my first trist in a pool in a good year or two.


  1. Yay Red! yay Karl Urban! Yay The Guild! Yay cute dresses for cheap! I am overall a fan of this post. :)