Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sleeping More Than Six Hours
This can create a huge difference in one's outlook on the morning, life, pillow, and coffee.**  I was amazed at the remarkable agility with which I was able to get up and dressed.***   I am more aware of people and the world in general.  Sleeping in excess of six hours is definitely a good idea.

And the local noon chime was on time today: go figure.

In other news, I have a really, really hard time with the fashion industry.  There are not precise words for how difficult a concept the whole fashion thing is for me.  Why are stylish things 'in'?  If they look atrocious on me, what do I do?  Are nylons/pantyhose okay?  Which shoes go best with which dress? I know an outfit isn't necessarily okay even if I like it, but how do I tell--beyond sizes--if something is atrocious on me?  The more I consider it, the more I like my frumpy jeans and less-than-couture shirts: better to wear something completely outside the sphere of fashion than to look bad.

Don't get me wrong: I like cute things.  I like fashionable stuff.

I don't have a flying clue about picking it out for myself.

Of course, I am used to--after nineteen years--not having a clue.  It's normal.  I can deal with it.  Feeling stupid is okay.  I am used to not fitting in.

It doesn't change the fact I wish I knew more about picking clothes.

This entire rant was spawned by the "Wear a Dress Day" event, nursed by the snow+, and matured in the environment of "Is this outfit really okay?"  Someday, I'll get this all figured out, but that day is not today.

*Yes, the title got a footnote.  Stop mocking me already.
I don't want people to go off and find the wrong song here, and I know you easily could as the title is rather nonspecific. is the right one.  :)

**The morning is not a soul-sucking force that makes you get up, life is not meant to be spent in a hazy state of consciousness, the pillow does not stick to your face so you can't get up, and coffee does not have to be brewed at as close to a 1:1 ratio as humanly possible.

***On other occasions, it has felt something like dragging a dead mammoth out of a tar pit.  It is also important to note that I was out of my room by 8:32 and I didn't wake up unti 8:15.  Plus, this morning's class is voluntary^. 

^Because I took several years' worth of violin lessons, I felt that helping with the college's string pedagogy class was a good idea.  My pillow and the backs of my eyelids keep arguing, but what do they know?

+Which continues to fall like it's December.
What.  The.  Hell.


  1. I knooow the feeling. I used to be a fashion reject until I went into fashion photography, of all things. Next time you are in Broken Bow, come shopping with me. I will give you a crash course in fashion. :)

    Yaaaay sleep!

  2. This is late, but you deserve to know: I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! Classes are over very, very soon, so maybe this summer we can do an outing. :D