Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This face wants to see the world changed.

It is an ordinary sort of face, really, prone to laughing, being overly serious, and sleeping at inopportune intervals.  
Thinking it is somehow unique, it is at present feeling as though something is missing.   
Most of its activities--even productive, essential activities like classwork--have become haunted by the sensation it is doing too much of the wrong things.

In many ways, this is not a content face.  
The things it has are good--but it knows it has too many things.  
This face knows that there are other faces out there that need good food and water, but have no hope of ever receiving aid.
It knows that there has to be some way to change the world, but it doesn't know where to begin.

The mind behind this face is dissatisfied with much of the current order of things, and tries to see how to perhaps fix the system.
It knows it has skill and intelligence, but worries about applying them correctly.

Watching and reading about the world's state of affairs have brought it to realize that concerns are misplaced.
Billions of dollars are spent advertising a handful of presidential candidate faces even as millions of faces are lost each year to treatable diseases.
Child faces vanish by the hundreds because of lack of water.
This face knows that billions of its fellows have slipped away due to carelessness, ignorance, and inactivity.

This face wants to change the world.
It is working out where to begin.

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  1. this says you do have important things to say. nice job!