Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've had a lazy-feeling day, with some stress on the side* but nothing I haven't been able to deal with.  Coffee shops fix everything, you know.  A cup of tea, a baked somethingorother**, and you're in perfect repair.

Or at least I am.

This particular location is one of my top picks, coffee shop-wise.  The Blue Moon in Hastings is only slightly superior, but then again this shop has more class and less casual.  It is the 1920's repainted farmhouse where the Blue Moon is the 1990 chic modern.

I don't blog enough any more.  I don't write enough anymore.  I'll start trying again.  But we'll see.  There's so much I think, and I don't get half of it out of my head.  It bangs around and cries and moans and throws hissy fits until I'm grumpy and self-absorbed.

Speaking of not speaking, I still haven't told my mother I put my car in a ditch.  Yes, readers, I have had my first accident-ish.  Ish because, quite honestly, both me and the car are for all apparent reasons fine.  I did take the Doc to the shop for a checkup: I'm headed home tomorrow, and want no problems for that four-hour drive.  But I had no trouble getting him there, which was promising.

I hope.

*My botany professor stopped me, nearly shouting "This is a wet lab.  If you get information from a classmate, it is a dry lab and that is not acceptable" when I tried to leave the lab class on account of a Residential Advisor's meeting.  I wouldn't have minded, except that I'm already having some issues with the RA staff^ and so missing this meeting was not what I wanted to do.  I spent a few minutes on the verge of tears.  But I finished the ever-loving lab.

^I'm a late person.  It really doesn't matter:  I am late to events, my homework is late, my paperwork is late.  Maybe by only a few seconds, but if there's a time limit I'll be on the far side of it.  RA-peoples do not like this, and so I am on probation due to tardiness. I'm working on the situation, but it's not going as easily as I'd like.

**I eat all kinds of somethingorothers.  Scones, muffins, tarts . . . the list goes on.  If there's anything I love about my coffee spot right now^, it's the baked goods.  Today's other was a chocolate croissant.  An oven fresh chocolate croissant.  Oh, yes.^^

^After the drink menu, which is a given.

^^Also worthy of note was the baker of said croissant, who I know and like in a platonic way.  He has very nice curly brown hair.

UPDATE: Doc is fine.  The car-man said so.  :B

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