Friday, November 18, 2011

Ah, music.

I end up ignoring things a lot.  Little, mostly unimportant things (it would seem) until they rear up and bite, feeling overly neglected. 

Sometimes, I skip out on listening to music.

It's not intentional, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but suddenly I've got this achy quaky sensation and I know it: I haven't listened to enough music lately.  In these moments of desperation, I grab my headphones and either my mp3 player or the nearest computer.

I LOVE Grooveshark.

Don't get me wrong, Pandora has its high points.  But Grooveshark?  Brilliance.  All those songs I hear on Pandora can be refound and memorized via Grooveshark's loving system, which gives it many points over Pandora, who gives you tasty things and then takes them away.*

In other news, I have halfway finished my original knitting project, started way back in March or whenever it was.  It was a while ago.  I now have one knitted fingerless glove, which has taken up residence in my sock drawer for the present.  Eventually, it will have a friend and I will wear them, probably too often.

In still other news, I have sacrificed my soul to Pinterest.  Want creative ideas?  Like the idea of laughing at random pieces of geek-dom?  Don't mind the idea of spending hours at a computer, barely moving?  Then Pinterest is for you!  It eats you, almost as effectively as my organic chemistry book** has eaten me, and leaves you wiggling helplessly in exchange for hours of nonstop awesome. 

And by hours, I do mean hours

If you brave the pin boards . . . . have fun.  It's delicious.

I find that I have produced enough randomness for now.  Later, I might write a blog entailing what I intend to write for an editorial in the school paper.  It's pretty stiff stuff, and I'm proud of what it could be.  :) 

But that's for later.

* :(

**Which, in the bidding war for my soul, has unlimited funding.  :'(

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