Friday, October 21, 2011

Not The Same

living a busy life, it is easy to forget God some days.

it is easier not to believe in something when you're not looking for it, and some days I forget to look for God. 

sometimes, He is obvious: a clear sky and a crisp breeze whipping around me and chilling my fingertips on my bicycle.

sometimes, it takes a second glance: the perfect details in an autumn leaf.

but sometimes I stop looking.  my eyes are open, but I do not see.

He is still there, just like the breeze and the leaf and the sky, but I cannot see Him.

I think many people can't see God either. 

their eyes are so wide they see nothing, none of the majesty and power of this world around them. 
their minds are so educated they consider nothing, none of the simplicity and magic of the universe.
their hearts are so proud they feel too little to know the true, overwhelming awe looking for God brings.

suppose that, for one day, every person was to stop.

stop doing, stop talking, stop everything.

suppose we stopped, and listened.

suppose we stopped, and thought.

suppose we stopped, and wondered.

after that stop, would we ever be the same?

would the silence change us?

would the stillness seep into us?

or would we rush on, speaking and doing thoughtlessly?

I do not know.

but suppose that we stopped, and looked, and saw God.

would we ever be the same?

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