Friday, September 30, 2011


It has ended up being one of those days in which I am completely, utterly, inexplicably exhausted.  It just doesn't make sense.* 

To complicate things, it has not been a nice day** in many ways.  I have been scrambling, trying to find something good about said day*** and it keeps getting harder. 

So there I was, drifting down the street on my bicycle after organic chemistry#, feeling decidedly melancholy when the sheer niceness of a breeze in my face got the better of me.  I stopped worrying about all the nastiness and thought about other things.

Life is a lot like drifting down the street on a bicycle. 

Sometimes, the best way to deal with all the little stresses is to let them go.##

It is important to be a bowl rather than a bottle so that, when dealing with bad things, they overflow rather than age.

And with these sort of thoughts, the day gets better. 

I thank God for little breezes, which are capable of fixing many things. 

*I got to bed at normal time, slept like a log, and did not awaken before my alarm.  However, I woke up and it's been downhill from there.

**The paperweight I was going to grind for a grade cracked. 
The paperweight I made because the aforementioned paperweight cracked also cracked. 
I missed 3 of 5 questions on my morning quiz. 
I made myself look dumb in anatomy. 
I nearly fell asleep (thus, looking dumb) in organic chem.
And it's not even 2:30 yet.

***This is important--nay, imperative--because if I find something nice, I will not have an epic bawl-fest issue breakdown.

#Most of the way from the Math & Science building to my dorm is downhill.  This means minimal pedaling.^

^Which means I practice riding one-handed in the hopes someday I might be able to ride without holding the handlebars

##Somehow, this brought to me a mental image of sparrows swirling about, as sparrows are wont to do at times.
I like sparrows.  :3

Es cute.

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