Friday, August 26, 2011

Going Missing

Well . . . I'm back. 

I have returned to the world of college: limitless internet, crazy business, psychotic people.  It would be better if my laptop were not in the shop, my financial aid were already all in order, and my entire body did not ache from the rebound of rugby practice*.  But I am here.  And I intend to enjoy myself.

And . . . well . . . that's all I really know right now.  I didn't pick a topic for this, didn't really decide what I was going to be writing about before I sat down.  Didn't plan out much witty cynicism. 

That being said, I'm back.  I'm brunette.  And I really, really can't walk in 4-inch high heels**.

*Yes, I joined the rugby team.  I intended to last year and didn't get there, so I did this year.  I'm liking it, but part of me (namely my calves, hamstrings and abdominal muscles) is telling me that I am a psychotic retard who needs to give up and go back to knitting+. 

+Is it pathetic that my morning routine consists of getting up, getting dressed, starting coffee, and stretching?

**Yes, I own a pair of these nowadays.  Remember the part where I mentioned sore calves?  Yeah . . . walking in heels this high is hard enough (for me) without my legs screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" every time I try to take a step.  It was worth it, though.  I think.

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