Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Truffles and Quail

I literally have a pet peeve.

And before you say, "I do, too, so don't think you're special," considering the following image.

First of all, let me say that the cover artists never did Tanith Lee's work justice*, but anyway . . .
see the brown fluffy creature-thing in the very bottom right hand corner?  Looks something like a cat, but fox-ish at the same time?

It's a peeve.  A pet peeve.  And while mine is white (standard issue is brown), it's a pretty good match.  I think.
Cute and fluffy is great until she's shed all over your jeans. And shirt. And hands.
And then you realize you're gagging on fine, white hairs that somehow invaded your mouth.

Which means I have a pet peeve that irritates a pet peeve daily.

She shedsEverywhere.  Even with the help of a lint brush and packing tape, you cannot escape.  Vacuuming beats back the plague for only a few minutes.**

 I've always felt that if the house or person is hairy because of the pet(s), there shouldn't be pets because people are obviously too lazy to clean up.  But this is no longer just a pet peeve.  This is a whole new level of desperation.  I do clean.  I do fight the hair, desperately and maybe a little bit madly.

  It just never stops coming.

This almost makes up for it, though.
She snores and sleeps in human-ish positions on her peachy-colored couch's-shoulder-rest-perch, which are endearing behaviorisms.  Also, she sometimes likes it when you rub her tummy.  :3
I have other pet peeves--probably more earnest ones--but this one has taken over my brain for the time being.  DB

*This is also a pet peeve of mine, I must confess.  Inaccurate cover art drives me up a tree.  It's not fair to the author because you have incorrect expectations, it's deceiving, and it does nothing for anyone, including the artist.  Bad cover art is almost worse, because it compounds all previously discussed effects and it looks awful.  Some cover art is okay at first glance, and then you look at it and it oozes poor computer graphics-program skills.  There should be jacket art quality-checkers.  Or authors should be pickier about the cover art.  SOMETHING!!!

**I realized this when I finished the rug (and surrounding wood floor), sighed in contentment, and looked up to see floating hair.  I screamed in utter desperation.

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